Building Inspections


Contact Information

Ed Price
Phone: (435) 752-1310 ext. 19

Chris Jensen
Phone: (435) 752-1310 ext. 15

Building Codes and Design Criteria

A list of building codes and design criteria for building design and construction in North Logan can be found here.


Building Permits

Application Process. The process for obtaining a building permit differs depending upon whether you are building a single family home or another type of building. The process can be completed either “in person” at the city office or online using email. The required forms are available at the office or can be downloaded in PDF format from our website. The links below provide information on the process.

Single Family Homes

Other Buildings

Solar PV Systems

Construction Activity Permit (for projects that will not disturb more than one acre of land)

Online Electronic Submittal

Online Forms. These forms are available for download in PDF format for use in the application process discussed above.

Permit Application (for a one, two, three, or four-family residence not exceeding two stories in height, exclusive of basement)

Permit Application (for other building types)

Home Owners Association Plans Approval Form

Owner/Builder Certification Form

Simplified Construction Activity Permit Application

PV System Plan Check Worksheet

Building Permit Change of Contractor Form (to be be used when contractor previously listed on a building permit is replaced by a new contractor)